Thursday, June 19, 2008

severe lifestorm warning.

I sat at my desk prepping for my show this afternoon, and watched out my big screen window as this dark storm blew in out of nowhere. Never even saw it coming! It was sunny outside and before I knew it, the fluffy white clouds and bright blue sky gave way to the luminous overpowering thunderstorm, complete with lightning. Yeoww!

So I check the forecast online and see that Anthony Yanez had informed us long ago that yes, this storm was coming - my bad. As I walked into the studio, the EAS (Emergency Alert System) was spewing out weather alerts continually, warning us of the hail, heavy rains, strong winds, and recommending we take cover and stay indoors. I check the email and there too I find more warnings, alerts and recommendations for how to be safe and weather the storm. It's on the TV, internet, even listeners calling and reporting from different locations affected by the storms. We are SO informed!

But how great would it be to have warnings like this springing up left and right for the storms we face in our lives? The kind of storms that surprise us, attack us, bring us down, discourage and haunt us? Would we be more prepared and ready to face them if we saw them coming in the forecast and were warned ahead of time?

Thing is, I'm not so sure we would. Unless, of course we were grounded in truth and in the Word. The Word is a lamp unto our feet, a light unto our path... In the Word are the tools we need to seek Truth, to live Christ-like, to learn forgiveness, to rejoice with others, to mourn with those suffering loss, to hope for greater things yet to come... and especially how to praise Him and to see Him amidst the storms that life brings us daily, big and small. Hail and wind.

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