Friday, June 27, 2008

no words.

I thought for sure once I had Amy Grant on my show that I'd reached the apex of my radio career. That I could even die happy, knowing I'd accomplished IT. Yet now that it's happened I'm floored at how God, through her, has moved me above and beyond this place, my perspective has been adjusted and I realize... God has even great things left to do in my career.
Initially Amy was supposed to arrive to surprise volunteers during the 4 p.m. hour of Sharathon but due to weather chaos here in Houston, the plane wasn't able to land. Back and forth on the phone with Bryan Ward from EMI, I began to realize as time ticked on there was a possibility she wasn't gonna make it. Part of me was devastated... yet part of me again understood that because I'd given this whole event over to God, it was in His hands and He'd take care of the details.

Around 8:30p.m. Amy and Bryan walked through the doors of KSBJ. As Amy entered telephone central , anxious volunteers roared with applause and appreciation and I can't tell you enough how gracious she was to talk to, take photos with and greet each person in the room. She spoke about the importance of supporting KSBJ and Christian radio... and then sang live on-air. She launched into the guitar intro but had to stop to turn her phone off as Vince was calling to make sure she made it to Houston ok.

It was a simple song, one she's never recorded and we all sang along with her... Amy Grant
"Be still..." It was incredible.

After more photos and hugs in telephone central, we headed to the studio for the interview I've been preparing for since childhood. I asked her what on earth she would say if given the chance to talk herself 20 years younger, we talked about her early memories of Michael W. Smith and Rich Mullins, and also about life and love with Vince Gill...

I just about lost it as she sang live one of my favorite songs of all time... sitting just 2 ft. away from me. Be listening next week and I'll play it just for you.

As we closed out I had a few things to share with her... Though I hadn't really planned on it, I told her how once I'd learned she was officially coming I began to ask myself why it was that SHE, HER LIFE, for so many years resonated with my heart and with my soul. Was I just starstruck, did I just love her music? But I realized how no matter what age I was, where I was in my life, how I felt, how I looked, etc. that she was truly part of it with me in spirit. As she remained a woman of God on stage, as a mother, as a wife, going through amazing times and experiencing very tough junk in life, I saw in her a very real woman and example of someone and something I too could grow to be more like.

It was a lifelong dream come true... But thanks to Amy, I feel refreshed in my understanding of "dreams come true." That it's not an end point, job done. This instead was an experience I feel brought further confidence that God has even more great things in store. And I'm so ready :)


Corrie said...

how incredible liz!!! I have been waiting and waiting to find out what your suprise was since I didn't have a chance to listen once I left work! I am soo excited for you and understand where you're coming from in re: to Amy Grant! I think alot of ladies in our age group have the same feelings about her, she was there for us while we were growing up and going thru the things young teens go thru! Congrats what an awesome thing to experience!

debra said...

great post!

I am currently working through a season of dreams and more so the changing of dreams. I really loved reading your thoughts on this.

Amber Haygood said...

How exciting!! I have always wanted to meet Amy Grant! She is such an awesome woman! Just amazing!!

Jennifer said...

How awesome! I am so sorry I missed it. I LOVE Amy Grant. I was listening to hear music long before I made the switch to Christian radio.

drc said...

Hey Liz!

It was absolutly amazing to be sitting there listening to Amy Grant that night. Her song touched my spirit that night...

Amy Grant is an amazing woman of God. Her music is amazing! I was so glad to be a part of that moment, and happy for you that one of your dreams finally came through!


sal said...

It was an awsome interview.
I so love Amy Grant and the way she has passion for Christ. I listened to every minute of your interview and your time on Shareathon.
YOu are an amazing woman and the energy you have for Christ just sparks through the air waves.
Thanks for all you do at KSBJ for the glory of God and reacjhing all of us in our times of reassuring that we are not alone.