Monday, June 30, 2008


This has been the craziest, most non-stop week of my year. It started Monday with Sharathon prep and then of course Wednesday with Sharathon 2008 in full swing till Friday.
It's the most adrenaline-filled time fo the year at KSBJ because of the excitement and chaos of everything going on around you and that alone will exhaust a poor little d.j., not to mention running around telephone central, comprehending the amount of money being raised and gasping for breath out of disbelief that God is moving in such huge ways. He is so faithful. We reached our goals late Friday night and sang "To God Be The Glory" at the top of our lungs, giving all glory and credit to Him.

Saturday was busy as well with the Share-a-Song concert at Greenspoint Mall - Kent and I were emceeing the entire event and we had a blast. Needless to say, I came home (after the greatest performance by Sanctus Real!!) and crashed. Sunday morning I woke up and drove to Texas City to share my testimony with Bay Harbour UMC... what great people they are. I found myself wondering (and doubting) "Why on earth would anyone want to sit and listen to my story?" but every single person who talked to me after each service floored me with their encouragement and greetings. Needless to say, I have a newfound appreciation for pastors in their stamina to give 3 sermons every Sunday. Hehe...
After hanging with the Carelock family, I drove home home home. I was ELATED, almost choked up crying... partly from complete exhaustion and also because I'd made it through the busiest craziest non-stop week of my year.
Now I could look forward to collapsing into DK's arms, hugging my sweet Kenai, and falling deep asleep. And booooooooooy, did I!


Marisa said...

The concert on Saturday started off AWESOME with PureNRG! It was so awesome to hear these girls of at least 9 or 10 years old behind me singing along at the top of their lungs along with the group. And then to see John Reuben come on stage and just crank up the energy and noise!! He is such an AWESOME performer!

Unfortunately I had an unruly 2 year old that couldn't take any more outside time and I had to leave. We didn't get to stay for the phenomenal Sactus Real. BUT, the reward is that I won tickets on stage to see Mercy Me on August 1st! Yay, ME! And yes, kids really ARE scared of Santa Claus. : )

I still have LOTS of photos to go through, but there are a few on my flickr from the concert. Check 'em out!

Jennifer said...

dI listened to nearly every minute of shareathon. I was awesome. It sounded like everyone was just having a blast the whole time. I was amazed (I know I shouldn't be) that the goal was met in such an amazing way.