Monday, June 30, 2008

taking better photos.

It's important to both DK and myself that we continually seek new ways to take better photos and grow in our photographic knowledge and wisdom.

Yesterday we sat and discussed the importance and the value in appearing "candid" when posing for a very "posed" photo and how to execute such a mastered shot.

My idea was this: let's say you're with a group of 4 or so people, standing arm in arm, facing the camera smiling. Instead of looking directly at the camera like everyone else, slightly adjust your focus and attention above the lens of the camera. You will find the resulting photograph to appear extremely fun, zany and of course, candid. Everyone will wish they'd been there, experiencing the same fun moment captured on camera!

DK and I tested this theory yesterday and here are our results. Pretty amazing, ya?
And check out this one too!

Now go out there and be inspired to take better photos too! Ya!

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cody said...

You have stumbled upon an ancient secret only known to a handful of top photographers. You must NEVER speak of this secret again. ..... never... or they will come...