Sunday, July 27, 2008

big spender.

We've been dating approximately 4.5 months and yesterday, DK and I had... the money talk.

Talking about money and thinking about money are two things I really hate to do and I've never ever ever discussed my personal finances with anyone, let alone a boyfriend. I'm not quite sure what it is that I'm so afraid of or nervous about, but after going over specifics of my accounts, savings, school and car loans left to pay off, I feel almost revitalized and lighter. 

DK is the most diligent and organized man I know and was so encouraging and helpful. He too shared with me some financial goals he had and I realize how important it is to be open and discuss these types of things together, not be fearful or hide things.

So he set me up on Mint, have you ever heard of it? I've tried several methods of managing my money and nothing has ever been so fun to use, easy to use or caused me to WANT to check my accounts and money on a daily basis. And, it's FREE.

Check it out for yourself:

On it, you can set up a budget, goals, learn ways to save your money... also has an entire page of diagrams, pie charts, and scales showing your spending trends, etc. It's terribly interesting. 

And pretty embarrassing. 

When DK and I saw this, we cracked up!! In my "shopping" category, look where I spend the most:


Brooke said...

Hey Liz,
Is this Mint thing secured? It looks really great. I love listening to KSBJ and reading your blog. Big Fan! Keep up the amazing job!

drc said...

ooo i hadn't heard of i've been on a quest to get more financially sound, so i'll definetly check it out!

glad to know you and dk are doing so well! rock on sister!


Lori said...

I just signed up and it's the most amazing thing and a great way to keep track of all my accounts online in one place. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the "Mint" link, Melissa Z. just forwarded it to me, (I'm the BF), lol

We are looking forward to using it.
great Blog by the way, well have to get you our site as soon as it's up, hope to meet you one day, maybe for some paddeling or biking

Angela said...

hanging out reading your blog this evening....I commented earlier and then saw this post and laughed out loud....if we were friends we would get each other in so much trouble....Hobby Lobby is almost as dangerous at Target

Hannah said...

Oh man, Hobby Lobby and Michael's are two of my favorite stores!