Monday, July 7, 2008

it's the simple things...

a few of my favorite moments from my holiday weekend:

* relaxing and napping all day because I could

* zooming through downtown on bikes with dk, david, kim and friends to catch 4th of july fireworks

* laying on the hill of the bayou near downtown with my loved ones watching fireworks right above us

* hiking memorial park with dk and Kenai

* enjoying the summer breeze, sitting in camping chairs next to dk, andrew and arwyn, watching my first drive-in movie saturday night

* walking to church with my baby brother andrew

* standing in church next to andrew, singing along with robbie seay

* sitting in my living room, listening to annetta play guitar and burst into song while we lost track of time and talked for hours

* cooking a big summer pasta for my brothers, kim, dk

* enjoying the summer breeze from atop dk's building, watching the sunset on downtown houston with my family...

quite simply, it was the BEST weekend all year.


kiki said...

just wait till your weekend in northern cal. I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend with your family. Its the best!

Jennifer said...

That sounds so awesome! Glad you had a great weekend.