Friday, July 4, 2008

happy rainy 4th of july!

It was like a scene out of a comic strip. We had our swimsuits on, cooler packed, even purchased an underwater camera and when we walked out ready to go, DK announces "Bad news. The rain is here." 

In a matter of minutes, the weather had changed, the clouds rolled in and the thunder was pounding. So much for a lazy 4th of July out by the pool! So now we're lounging on the couch, thinking about watching a movie and wondering if the rain will pass for fireworks at 9:3o p.m. 

Here's a little firework show fun fact for ya: a fireworks show on a cloudy day definitely has a louder boom because the noise is more trapped beneath the layer of clouds in the atmosphere.

Also, here are some Fireworks Show World Records.

Click here to learn the different names of the shapes, colors and sizes of the explosive beauties.

Happy 4th of July, Happy Independence Day!

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