Wednesday, July 2, 2008

mom-a-licious manifesto #8

"Go out with your friends regularily, let off steam, make memories, and come home grateful for your family."
And we do.
Arranging and aligning the schedules of the three of us is never an easy feat, but as often as we can, we gather for a few precious moments to catch up, pray, and EAT. This morning Domenica, Kristen and I met at Brasil's for breakfast and iced hazelnut coffees.

I'd love to one day be just a fly on the wall... no, that sounds gross... I'd love to be a butterfly flitting by, hopping from flower to flower and listen to our conversations. We seriously hit the ground running with details about career, people, love, hilarities and atrocities, the greatness of our God and now of course, details about our big trip to California!

Every EVERY every time I come away from spending time with these women, I feel empowered and enlightened, loved and understood, believed in and prayed over... that I've absorbed strength and ability from them. And I have.

My time with them is so precious... and I thank God for them.

Soooo... Get the book. Study the manifesto on page 12. Ciao!


drc said...

i think scheduled girl time is mandatory in my life for me to function. it's a time for us to chat about all things in our lives...and much needed goofiness! it reenergizes me, and renews my spirit! i have some good girlfriends here in town, but my closest ones, the ones who know me better than i know my self, all live outside of houston, and seeing them is a challenge...but with that said, i have some pretty good girlfriends here in town too.

glad you had a good time, and i'm definetly going to check that book out!


a quirky sporadic dichotomy led life said...

our time with you is just as precious... actually its the "bomb".

Dew said...


How do you get these cool random photos of you and DK etc? Who takes them? BTW, they're awesome pics.