Thursday, July 31, 2008


Naturally I have one thick eyebrow.

A "unibrow", if you will.

When I was 11 years old, my Aunt Teddie couldn't stand it anymore, tackled me and tweezed the heck out of IT, shaping and essentially creating two eyebrows on my face. My days of being called "Burt" were finally over. Little did I know this would begin my lifelong battle with these two rugs above my eyes.

I've tweezed, waxed, had threading done, gasped at the cost of electrolysis and cursed these never ending reminders of my German heritage.

But this morning I visited an angel. Her name is Rosalinda and she works at the Houstonian spa, Trellis. She now has me on an eyebrow waxing regimen and I'm not allowed to touch or pluck my eyebrows for the next two weeks until I see her again. She reshaped my brows and taught me how they are to look more natural, said it was time I stop looking so "surprised".

I'm eternally grateful.


Anonymous said...

Please always remember that you are beautiful - inside & out ... one eyebrow or two (ha ha). Thank's again for keeping real, makinging me smile & reminding me that I am not alone.


Stacey said...

haha. I was just discussing with my hair stylist that I have the thickest eyebrows yet the thinnest hair... i don't get it.

drc said...

i feel your pain! literally :-) i have the cursed unibrow too, but my estatician takes care of it for me every few weeks as well! the things we do for beauty yeah?