Saturday, August 9, 2008

the bucket list.

Morgan Freeman always makes me cry. 

From Driving Miss Daisy to Shawshank Redemption, Robin Hood to Million Dollar Baby, it's incredible what he so naturally and consistently brings to each character. From facial expression and the way he displays inward heartfelt emotion so effectively yet so subtly, you find yourself feeling like he is the one person on earth you'd never want to disappoint or let down. 
He's one of DK's favorite actors and though the previews for "The Bucket List" made the movie appear lame like a poor effort,  placing two brilliant actors in a predictable coochie-coo comedy, after watching it this afternoon we beg to differ.

First off, I'm not endorsing nor am I promoting this film - there were a few lines/references from the movie I was thoroughly disappointed in, but the overall message and story line had me crying happy and sad tears from beginning to end. "Blubbering" is probably a more accurate description.

I applaud the nods to faith, God and natural beauty. I was floored at how beautifully these two men, when faced with a limit to their time left on earth sought to do the things they always dreamed of doing... seeking joy and after a life well lived, creating joy for those around them. 

By the end,  (which mind you was so UNpredictably tied together) DK and I were both in tears and I believe it created a deeper real-life sense of how precious and short life is and how beautiful it is to know where we're going when we leave this earth. 

And, once again Morgan Freeman made me cry:)

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Tara Lyn Bolin said...

How funny!! I actually wrote a blog on this very same movie recently & how much it stirred me up inside. I too was disappointed with a few lines, but the overall message was really heart-felt. And ofcourse, I cried. It's so important to make the most of what we have here on earth, to never overlook the simple things, and still to never lose sight of what waits for us in Heaven. Great movie :)