Friday, August 8, 2008

my new favorite!!

These photos of her handmade jewelry posted on Flickr totally caught my eye and from there, I found her blog and where to purchase Clementine's treasures.
Read her blog. And for more info on her, click here.


Anonymous said...

ewww! LOVE it. Thanks for the tip!

VintageMomma said...

hi Liz! i found your blog thru some mutual friends we have (Debra Parker and also, Liz Seay). This post jumped out at me, b/c I also design custom, handmade jewelry and sell it on Etsy!

Thought I would share it with you, and see if you would be interested in doing any giveaway's of the jewelry on your blog (I always throw in a couple of "free pieces" for the blogger as well ; )). I am coordinating 3-4 blog giveaways this month, and would love to add a local one (it doesn't have to be for Houston-only readers, though). I did one with Debra in August, and it was a lot of fun (
2008/08/01/blog-giveaway/) !!

I hope your Fall is off to a great start...I really enjoy reading your blog!!