Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how do you like your eggs?

DK and I ate breakfast at Barnaby's this morning and when the time came to order, I confused the waiter and myself once again with the same trouble I have each time: I don't know how to order my eggs.

I know what I like, I just don't know the official terms used in describing over-easy, over-medium, etc. How did I miss this for all these years?

So, I Wikipedia-ed it. And here ya go!

Over Well -
cooked on both sides until the yolk has solidified. Over Hard - also called 'hard' - cooked on both sides until the yolk has solidified; yolk broken. Over Medium - cooked on both sides; the yolk is of medium consistency and the egg white is thoroughly cooked. Over Easy - also called 'runny', cooked on both sides; the yolk is a thin liquid, while the egg white is partially cooked. This is occasionally called 'sunny side down.' Sunny Side Up - cooked only on one side; yolk is liquid (the oil or fat may be used to baste the sunny side, however.) The egg white is often still rather runny as well.

So for next time, it's "I'll take my eggs over-medium, please!"


Stacey said...

I like 'em over-easy and I like to dip my toast in the yolk. It grosses Jeff out. How do you like them?

Liz Jordan said...

I like mine over-medium and yumyum yum love to dip my toast too!!