Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This morning my alarm went off at 5:15 ish and I stress the "ish" because I'm not too sure when it went off initially. Eventually after about 12 snooze button slams, I finally got up to follow through with my committment to once a week bust a move on the hills with the team.

It wasn't that I was exhausted or really too tired, I think the reason it was so hard to get up was because my bed was warm and soft, I was so comfy, and I love sleeping. Also it was obviously much easier than getting up and sweating my rear off on the hills.

I showed up about 15 minutes late and jumped right in. But in the midst of my workout, I felt more confident than ever as we raced up and down the hills. I felt the strength in my legs pushing me further and mentally I was totally charged because 1. I was suprised at how much faster I'd gotten and 2. I recognized this change was happening from my consistent hard work. It felt good on all fronts.

After we finished, I stood at the bottom of the hill, hands on hips and looked up at the sky, noticing all the streaks and colors stretching West as the sun rose. There were some serious pinks and lines of bright white clouds, it was breathtaking and definitely worth leaving my cozy, comfy bed.

I thought of how it's similar to the way God works in and through us. By pulling us out of our comfort zones and using us in ways far out of our narrow-mindedness, challenging us, growing and strengthening us in places we're afraid to go, little by little it won't take long for us to see it too. We've just got to be available, dream big, and keep an open heart and mind. Just think of all we'd be missing if we always "stayed in bed"!!

And as Coach Duvall says at the end of our workouts, "Now go conquer the world."

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Susan S. said...

You go girl...that's awesome. You are moving and growing. I was up at 5:30 too but had woken up worried because of the storm and it's uncertainty. I heard you say on last night program people and KSBJ were "scared of the storm but had faith that God would bring us through". That thought kept going through my mind and after prayer I was able to go back to bed for another 1 1/2 hours of the most peaceful sleep. This summer I went to Honduras and had a wonderful life changing and out of my comfort zone experience. Ever since then Brandon Health's song, "Give Me Your Eyes" is constantly in my head. Just before I started typing this blog KSBJ played THAT SONG. Just another way God is speaking to me and saying it's all going to be ok. Thanks for your blogs...they are so insightful, realistic and inspiring. Keep it up! PS: Have a BLAST on your weekend trip!