Monday, September 29, 2008

a perfect weekend.

Any weekend with no big plans is a good weekend. And that's not to discount any weekend with big plans either, cause those are good too. It's just nice once in awhile to stumble upon a weekend with no big plans in the midst of several big plan weekends.

Friday night we had a live broadcast in Sugarland for Veggie Tales and I was floored at the stories of moms who fought lions to get their kids to the show. The things some parents will do for the sake of their kids having a blast dancing with other kids just blows my mind. It's great to be out broadcasting live again too... there've been some technical restrictions prohibiting us from doing so in the last months and it broke my heart. I LOVE BEING ON LOCATION!!

Saturday morning we ran - I did 10 miles, DK ran 8. I'm really proud of him... it's so fun to have running as something we both love and work on together. We had breakfast at Dry Creek and layed around reading for the rest of the afternoon.

I just started reading Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller and couldn't put it down... have you read it? I feel like he pulls the thoughts and feelings and words straight from my heart and splats 'em right down on the pages. Whew. I'll write more about him when I finish this book.
Later on I went with DK to get his haircut and then we met up with DJ, my friend from college who is in fro
m L.A. for an Astro's game. Jen came along too and it always proves to be so much fun hanging with her outside work. She's a huge Astros's fan and was very knowledgeable in terms of what was going on, who was who, and where to get hook-ups! After the game we met Dad and Mary downtown on the balcony of Cabo - what a great view! It was a blast and we had great conversation!

Sunday was low key... I'm not sure I even remember what we did? I know there was some reading, napping, wrestling with Kenai involved... a bikeride to Discovery Green and burgers while watching Sideshow Tramps onstage (the weather was outstanding!!)... then dinner in midtown with Dave and Kim... I got to see Stacey my roomate for 5 minutes and then we stopped over to get some Swirll. It's my FAVORITE.

Craig, Geoffrey, and the other guy give me a little pre-show private show...

All in all, it was THE perfect weekend. Well, perfect in terms of low key weekends, that is :)


Yannochka said...

Question for you Liz-
I am on the look out for some great places to take some great pictures for a contest I might enter. I was thinking about taking some of downtown or at least the area and other than Discovery Green, where else would you suggest?
I am not that familiar with the downtown area but know that you are so any ideas?
Oh and I am mostly looking for more nature shots than anything but a good place to people watch or great buildings would work too.

Thanks ahead of time


Anonymous said...

What is Swirll and where is it?

Andrea Himmelsehr said...

Donald Miller is very good to read, and discuss with others. I haven't read Painted Deserts, but Blue Like Jazz was wonderful!