Monday, September 29, 2008

they're leaving houston.

I knew this was coming but... is there really ever any way to fully prepare yourself to say goodbye to family like this?

Dave and Kim have diligently waited for an opportunity to work abroad and now the time has come and we are so excited for them.

They leave for Kuala Lumpur on October 27th.

David sent the email out today to all of us: "Just wanted you all to be the first to know: The contract for Malaysia is signed and sent!"

While David is busy helping set up the new office in KL, Kim is thinking of going back to school and getting her masters. Their projected stay will be for 2 years, which is perfect! I realize how little I know of this place and today have been reading up and learning more about where they're headed. Check it out!

Please be praying for them, that God provides continually and keeps them safe there and back.

Congrats Dave and Kim, I love you both so much...

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