Monday, September 29, 2008


It's all Stacey's fault. She got me addicted too!

Thing is, Swirll frozen yogurt is the good-for-you kind of addiction... although it's not cheap, it's a small taste of heaven that makes any bad day great. And it's healthy / guilt free! They charge you by the ounce - you can load up on yogurt then you pile up with the goods. I usually add candy and chocolates, balancing out the healthy aspect and DK always adds fruit.
I've only been to the location on West Gray near Kroger, but check out all the other locations. It's SO DELICIOUS!!!



Keri said...

We are definitely going to add that to our list of "things to do in Houston"!! Looks really, really, good. I would go for the candy topping, too.

Stacey said...

woa! I don't know how I got blamed for the addiction although it is FANTASTIC. I do enjoy how you add all the chocolate after explaining how healthy it is! FUNNY. now I want Swirll. no, I NEED Swirll.

Stacey said...

oh yeah - and a warning to all "newbie" Swirll eaters... yes, they charge you by the ounce. since you fill it yourself it is so easy to get a massive amount of yogurt... yes, I do that everytime. and yes, everytime I tell myself I won't do that next time.

Anonymous said...'s your fault! I'm officially addicted to Swirll! :-) We went tonight and I had the lemon yogurt with FRUITY PEBBLES (totally balancing the healthy):-)