Thursday, September 11, 2008

totally scared.

I work for a radio station that through even the biggest storms, continues to stay on-air and proclaim the message of hope. And though I believe it and speak it from my heart, I'm really scared too.

What do you do with the fear?

At this point, I'm planning on "hunkering down" with Kenai at my house in Montrose. My brother and his wife are in the Galleria area, Kristen is down the street, DK left for Pittsburgh this morning, and dad is at home in The Woodlands. It's important to stay in touch and know the location of your loved ones.

Also, Kristen wants to throw an "Ike and Tina Party" but I told her Kenai and I might have to arrive by canoe down Taft :) So at least our senses of humor are still very much in tact.

What are your plans?


Keri said...

We are staying put and riding out the storm! Great lesson for our kiddos about how God is in control.

My husband is thrilled because I normally buy fresh, organic peanut butter, but in honor of Ike, I let him get a big 'ol jar of Jif. He's a happy man! Peanut butter and bread......there's nothing better!

Mark said...

The dog and my stepson are hunkered down in the West End, hoping that our south facing windows hold up. My partner is sheltering at the hospital where he works on the northside. So be safe, stay away from the windows and lets hope that the power isn't out more than a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

we're staying at the station. You aren't? :(