Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blue suit.

This past weekend I was at home in The Woodlands and ran into a guy I used to know when I was younger. My only memory of this guy was how uncomfotable he always made me feel in youth group at church and the awful ways he made fun of me in front of others. It's amazing though how God grows and changes us through His love because now running into this guy, I was able to give him a side hug and wish him well.

There was part of me though, that still felt part of the embarrassment and hurt. I remember one time I came to church wearing an outfit I was so excited about. It was cute navy blue t-shirt with a safari type Polo brand khaki skirt (great find at the thrift store!) with a little belt around the waist. Just as I was sitting down with friends for the Sunday morning service, he found a seat immediatly behind me and laughed, saying I looked like a girl scout. I think girl scouts are fantastic but his tone and snide remark were so cutting and well, to this day I remember him saying this to me.

My grandma Kaiser knew many amazing people in her lifetime and she always told the story about this one poised woman she knew. The unique thing about this woman was that she only ever wore a blue suit. Everyday, everwhere. She was so intelligent, so polite, so engaging and so beautiful and carried herself so well. I like to think she found those character traits were far more important and worth investing energy in rather her clothes, accessories, hair and make-up.

1 Peter 3:3 says "What matters is not your outer appearance—the styling of your hair, the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes—but your inner disposition."

You can cut yourself some slack now. Desiring to feel beautiful and own things of quality is not a bad thing. But again and again, we gotta remember that it's the purity of our hearts that concerns God most, not how much time or money we spend getting gussied up.

And if there's anyone we should want to impress, it's Him! Not some dumb ol' jr. high boy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I need to hear things like this. I had experiences similiar to what you experienced and I cannot imagine being as gracious as you....but you are right about God's grace and we need to shine like Him. This was good!!