Monday, October 20, 2008


I got a call here in the studio and it was Martha, asking for prayer. As I asked what I could pray for with her she just lost it, right there on the phone. Through her sobbing, I gathered she was in her car driving to see Karen, her best friend for over 30 years who was dying, not expected to make it through the day. We prayed together and she continued to sob... but while praying I so clearly saw Martha walking through the door of that home to be with her dear friend in the last moments of life and she was glowing, beaming the light of Jesus. Pray for Martha, she knows Karen is going home to be with Jesus, but please pray for comfort for everyone.

And I'm reminded that life continues to go on around us, in birth and in death, moving forward, the cycle of life progresses. I'm so grateful that I, like Karen on her deathbed, know where I'm headed when this life is over.


stacey said...

praise Jesus!

Lisah said...