Friday, October 31, 2008

glamour puss.

Awhile back the question was asked "DK, if you thought of words to describe me, would glamorous be one of them?" And his response was "No." He didn't mean it to be rude or insulting, but was just being honest explaining that "glamorous" described someone high-maintenance, glittery, and girly... all of which I am not.

I think with my fabulous friends and amidst a desire to dress up, put more time into my appearrance, my natural tendency is to use shampoo and conditioner in one, wear jeans and a t-shirt and be on my way. It's an internal battle and this photo represents that battle... me sometimes wishing I was more one way - glamorous - and DK reminding me that my muddy Keens are waiting to be worn on the trail for a great hike.


Anonymous said...

liz- some girls have to be "glamorous" because they just aren't as beautiful as you. let me tell you there have been a few times when i thought man liz is so beautiful i wish i was that pretty. so many times we think were not hip enough or dont dress cute enough and that we need to put on that extra coat of mascara and dont forget the lip gloss! lol. honestly though you are a gem, you're one of a kind and without a doubt beautfiul.

James ~n~ Amber said...

Well I think your precious and I believe your personality is probably the same !

kiki said...

is that a new bedspread? love it. U are beautiful and you have a glamorous heart.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful -- inside & out --
and you are loved!!


Anonymous said...

My ex-husband hated the fact that I was not glamorous enough, yet he didnt want me to spend the $$$ to get me that way. I always thought it was b/c he didn't think I was pretty enough for him. It just wasn't in me to be that way. But now I am w/ a man who loves me for me and I have a new sense of self. He along w/ the Lord have brought out something new and wonderful that it makes me want to be glamorous and still be me in my adidas