Sunday, October 12, 2008

God of this city.

I've totally become complacent. There's still a ton of trees, branches, and trash waiting for pickup on my street but that's the extent of my "struggle" in the aftermath of Ike. 

This morning DK and I went to the 11:11 service at Second Baptist because they have this study on the Bible that is captivating lately. I love the time in worship with the 11:11 band, Brian Long and his crew are so right on and draw you in to this beautiful place of worship that is not showy or distracting, but so humble and powerful. I commend them especially today for not just leading us in the song "God of This City" but also for playing these images on the screen behind them, images of the devastation, the people and the crisis that even still recently affected our city. Hurricane Ike. 

As each photo appeared on the screen, there was this overwhelming sense of re-realization that washed over me because how could I have forgotten there is still so much work left to be done, there are so many people that need love and encouragement, there are lives needing to be rebuilt in every sense of the word. And just because all I have to worry about is how soon these trucks will come to clear my street doesn't exempt me from this obvious duty before us. Houston is our home and it's up to us to rebuild and restore, one day at a time. 

"For greater things are yet to come,
Greater things are still to be done
In this city..."

Here are some great resources and information for you:

I'll post more details as I find them. God is good and I am grateful for this new sense of perspective...


zule said...

I love your blog and i listen to you all the time...i notice that you guys are great photographers, i'm a begginer in photography(i dont know anything yet jaja)i want to buy my first camera what do you recommend me to buy?

James ~n~ Amber said...

This is one of my favorite songs to lead the congregation in. Its such a powerful song and to know the story behind it is AMAZING !