Saturday, October 11, 2008


It's not as tacky as re-gifting, it's more like re-living. I was going through these photos on my Flickr site and remembering what a great time this was with my dad. Initially I posted this on my KSBJ blog, but I thought I'd "re-blog" it here for fun :)

I love the words to the song “Airplane” by Bethany Dillon:“In an airplane, I take the window seat. A thousand feet and all I know shrinks in minutes. And when the sky is gray, I want to believe that when the sun is hiding it still exists… Mountain tops peak through… This is where I see you… I’ve never seen a clearer blue… This is where I see you…”

Dad and I traveled on a last-minute trip to Bonaire this weekend and I hummed the words to that song over and over again. To be in such a beautiful place, with so many breath-taking moments, visuals and feelings, I found myself overwhelmed with the reality of how God surrounds us and reveals Himself.

The sky so blue, the palm trees swaying and the ocean crashing just feet from our porch… it was truly paradise. While snorkeling and taking in the most beautifully colorful and unique fish, the coral serving as the perfect textured backdrop, I dove down as deep as I could - surrounded by this massive body of blue ocean and as I looked around I was overwhelmed. It was completely silent and serene. And I saw Him there.

Later as the sun beat down and the iguanas indecisively scurried from one safe side of the road to the other, dad and I jetted across the island on scooters, making stops along the way to check out the view and breathe in the fresh ocean air. The never ending view of the ocean and stomach churning drop to the crashing waves below us made me again realize just how small I really am… and there again I saw Him, in His greatness and vastness…

We continued on to the windy side of the island and found ourselves taking in what was the most magnificient, powerful and astounding show… and quite simply, huge waves swelling, churning and crashing against the rocks not too far beneath us. I was beyond wowed at how powerful and even scary these waves were… feeling that the force from the wind could very easily lift me off my feet and slam me into the chaotic water below, I felt a sense of awe at this display of power. And in the wind and the waves, I saw Him yet again.

The next morning, lifting off on an airplane and sitting next to dad, we had a birdseye view of the island we’d explored the day before. A massive, dark, looming storm was moving in just as we flew out and the view of the contrasting clouds was beyond description. Flying amidst these white, beautiful marshmellowy clouds giving way to the threatening, dark, mean clouds and storm I was surrounded… once again, surrounded by nature and power and beauty and awe and wonder… and there He was… and this was where I saw Him…

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