Friday, October 10, 2008

houston's best new restaurant.

DK spoils me rotten. We've been dating for 7 months now and last night he took me to dinner to celebrate. I've mentioned before that I love how we love to eat and try new places often. DK did some research and took me here.

From the website: "‘Feast’ is the new restaurant run by English restaurateurs Richard Knight and James Silk, alongside James' wife Meagan. ‘Feast’ is about bringing a traditional and relaxed European approach to dining to Downtown Houston. We offer simple, honest, rustic cuisine in a relaxed, homely environment. Our emphasis is on quality, local, seasonal ingredients prepared with passion and imagination. Our desire is to summon the spirit of a family meal shared around the kitchen table of an old-fashioned European family farm..."

The restaurant is in an old house in Montrose, the interior much like mine and upon entering, you feel like you're far away in another place, the decor and ambience is so relaxing and cozy. We asked to sit upstairs on the balcony and at first site, I shrieked. The skyline was in plain site and the weather was incredible.
DK likes to try something he's never had and whatever the waiter recommends. He ordered the Cassoulet with Beans, Confit Pork and Duck Leg, and remarked at how in every bite there was a surprise!
Also, they serve this outstanding fresh homemade bread that has you ditching any effort to eat carb-free just for another taste, another serving.
I ordered the Roast Duck Breast, Garlic and Bacon Rutabaga and Green Cabbage. To die for! At first bite, you pray your plate never clears. Did you know the menu varies from day to day?

The waitstaff was incredible as well. Timing, attentiveness, not too much, not to absent... even the owners were present to greet us and say goodbye. I made sure to say as we were leaving "We will see you again soon!"

DK was dreaming out loud about when the weather gets colder, how great it'll be to go sit by the fire and eat some warm soup soon...

And he knows me too well. He had Swirll, made just like I like it waiting at the house and flowers too :)


James ~n~ Amber said...

Sounds very intriguing. I'm going junk shopping with a friend in the near future and she's just the person I would want to try out a place like this with. Her site Thanks for the tips !

Anonymous said...

You should try Backstreet Cafe if you haven't been there before. I went for dinner to celebrate a birthday and it was sooo good and has a great atomosphere.