Monday, October 20, 2008

my weekend plans.

I'm sitting at my desk at work looking out my window at this gorgeous day. This is truly the best time of year and the weather seems to influence everything from better attitude, more energy, and a more effective workflow i.e. more motivation. You know what I mean Vern? (If you can identify that quote, you get 30 points.)
Friday night I left straight away after my show to an event I'd been giddy excited about for a long time. Mo Pro Joe. This was to help raise funds for The Moses Project through Aid Sudan, to teach and train indigenous missionaries and send them back to teach the Word of God to their people. I had the honor of hosting the evening and was so floored at the turnout, the new friends I met, and the relationships further established with people I've grown to love so greatly. Though I've never really felt called towards Africa, my heart is changing and God is really moving me towards being more and more involved with Aid Sudan. Learn more by clicking here.

Saturday morning came really early with a 12 mile run but I nailed it in 2.5 hours. I can't tell you enough how great it is to train with a team - making friends who get it, cheering each other on, touring Houston on foot and working towards this goal all together. We ran through the Heights and the weather was outstanding... as I finished into the lot where we all gather, the girls I run with (they were a few minutes ahead of me, hehe) screamed and cheered and oh it felt so good.

Later on we headed to Dave and Kim's farewell party at dad's house in The Woodlands - the last party we will ever have at Oakhurst. (Dad's moving out soon.) It was great to catch up with old friends, a lot of the old school neighborhood kids stopped by and even Grandma Kaiser was there, in from Detroit.

We moved into that house when I was 8 years old and you can imagine the memories we've stored there. Granted, a lot of it has changed since we were kids, but throughout the day I caught myself standing in the living room staring at the front door imagining myself as a kid running out to play, as a teenager leaving dressed up for a school dance, all the times I came home from college, dad anxiously waiting for stories... even the times after becoming an official adult and knowing I could just come home.

Another area in the house that I captured in my memory was our hallway. Three bedroom doors and a bathroom in the middle which connected the boys bedrooms from within. Imagine all the phases of life that bathroom mirror has captured! If that hall could speak what it would tell you, the stories, the chases, the changes, oh man, this is gonna be tough to say goodbye to this house.
(There were tons of photos of all of us along the left side of the hallway, a mosaic of our lives, travels, etc. - it was like the last remnant of our existence in this house. But they'd been removed earlier that day - I guess I was too late in taking this photo.)

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Anonymous said...

My parents are moving too and it is bitter sweet. The memories...isn't it funny how attached to things we get! I too will miss my parents old house.