Monday, October 20, 2008

white christmas in pennsylvania.

My PTO was approved and my flight is booked. I'm going to PA with DK for Christmas!! I think the sense of excitement is heightened now because Ike's descendence on Houston kept me from going to visit DK's family for the first time. Now I get to go see snow and spend the holidays with him and his family... it's a DREAM. We are both so terribly giddy!!

Fun fact: After DK came to my birthday party (12/16) last year, he went home for Christmas. We were just acquaintances with a lot of mutual friends at that point but during my party there was an understanding we should be in touch soon, talk photography and projects. DK found me on Flickr and emailed me from his parents house, describing to me the particular room he was sitting in, how the snow had fallen, and how is vacation was going. We talked today about how cool it is that one year later, I get to be there with him :)

Click here to see photos of where DK grew up... imagine the snow covering the ground and a new puppy to play in the yard!! (Orson, DK's puppy should be born any day now and we are taking him with us over Christmas!)

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stacey said...

ooh la la. very exciting!