Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what to pack?

Maybe I'm overly excited about spending Christmas in Pennsylvania, but this is a huge deal and if you can't get excited over spending time with your boyfriend's family, at Christmas, with potential for snow, what CAN you get excited about? !!!!!

So this afternoon I did a little research. I grew up in Houston and though I spent many winters in Detroit (it's where my mom and dad are from) I don't think I realize what I'm in for, in terms of cold weather.
Check this out:
Averages for December 25 - Houston, TX
Avg low: 46°
Avg hi: 64°
(Note there are no "record temps", probably because there's never any insane winter weather to record?)
Records and Averages for December 25 - Pittsburgh, PA
Average low - 23°
Average high - 39°
Record low - 4° (2000)
Record high - 55° (1987)

Are you kidding me?!

If I start packing now, I might just have enough layers and warm clothes piled and ready to go!


Natalie said...

Wow Liz! I've never really experienced a white Christmas before so I'm excited FOR you! Sounds like plenty of turtlenecks are in order for this trip!! :)

~Misty said...

I'm loving this!! So exciting. this morning's colder weather was the first time I've really felt like it is fall here. Being someone who did not grow up here but in E.TN close to VA in the Appalachian Mountains, snow, colder weather sounds wonderful. I'm so excited and happy for you!! Warm sweaters, coats, gloves, scarves...oh the fun!

James ~n~ Amber said...

This trip will be awesome for you. I've never really seen snow myself. I lived in Nashville for a year some time ago, and it snowed once, but it was such a small amount. I was so excited about it though. I've always wanted to see lots of snow and go snowmobiling....that would be really fun !

Andrea Himmelsehr said...

Are those negative signs, as in below zero, or are they dashes? Cuz there's a difference between fun winter cold and uh, no thanks.