Thursday, October 23, 2008

my book.

All this week we've been talking about dreams and asking God to give wings to those dreams. I think the hardest part could be to say it, what the dream is, out loud. When you get it out there, out in the open, then it's like it's OUT THERE and you gotta do something about it.

God puts these dreams on our hearts and we let life get in the way. We deem it silly, not important, not high on the priority list. It's scary, out of our comfort zones too because these dreams are big, God-sized even and we can't pull it off without Him. I talked about this on the show, asking you to put yourself out there by letting me hold you accountable and SAY IT, tell me this dream OUT LOUD. I was so struck by the fact that I needed to do it too. And I did.


I had a dream about itseveral months ago, the absolute specifics, the focus, the direction and the heart. And I'm scared to death of it!! It's such a big deal!! But I know it's a gift from God, a beautiful unique way that He can speak and minister... if I make myself available and get over the fear.

So there, I said it outloud. What next?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that's awesome. Where can I sign up to get my copy?

Natalie said...

Thanks Liz! After reading your blog and praying, I finally got the courage to share my dream in my blog and say it out loud.

I'll be praying with you for your dream and that God will open the right doors and make your dream a reality...And I agree with the other comment...Where can I sign up for my copy? :) Thanks again, Liz! You continue to be an inspiration!

holly becton said...

How cool! I think you have enough blog-followers to sell out the first edition :) YES!