Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the best part of waking up.

She's usually curled up in a ball within the bend of my knees when I wake up. Sometimes she migrates to the couch in the sunroom for a headstart on the neighborhood watch.

I just love her so much... and this is what I snapped with my camera this morning after I woke up :) And then she caught me. * note the shifted blinds and the Halloween chicken suit :)

I put my shoes on, threw on a sweater and it was out the door for a romp around the neighborhood. She's hilarious in this weather, so bouncy and frisky! Oh I just love my girl... and I wonder if I love her this much, how much I will love my (human) babies?!


James ~n~ Amber said...

Is she supposed to be on the couch ? Our Presa Canario is 110 pounds and not SUPPOSED to be on the furniture, but we've pretty much given up on worrying about it. She's so funny though. If you catch her on the couch, she lays real still and cuts her eyes to look at us, as if we don't see her. Or, if she tries to get in our bed with us, she "sneaks" up there like we don't notice. It's very funny. Animals are wonderful friends !

Shelley said...

I love when you talk about her. My dog was so precious to me too. They make life so much sweeter. Thanks for sharing!

Maria Diane said...

I love how dogs have so much energy in the morning. My little one bounces around me until he wakes me up enough and with those big brown eyes, I can't help but smile and wake up to go walk him.

I'm dying for a puppy update!!!