Saturday, November 29, 2008

buddy the basset hound.

I'm at the studio for my once in awhile Saturday morning shift. It's early and I wish it were more cold outside. This morning while driving in, I'm groggy but reminded how life is full of unexpected surprises. On Wilson Rd. as I neared the station this morning, I almost ran over a beautiful Basset Hound whom I'm temporarily calling Buddy - he has no tags!
The road was dark and quiet in this early hour as I stopped the car, got out and called to him. He stopped his bouncy hop, looked at me and in the glow of the street light I could see his heart soar as he dashed over to me, bounced into my arms and felt so loved again... I loaded him up in the backseat and together we headed to the station, only a coupel blocks away. He is so cute!!
I called the Emergency Vet - they are the only ones open at this hour and they said to contact all the vets in the area. Starting at 8 a.m. I'll be on the phone trying to find this little guy's real home. Thing is, the more I daydream about having to actually keep him until finding his home, I'm growing more attatched to the idea of him. How cute would be be with my Kenai? Think of what an odd and funny pair they would make!

Hmmm... maybe I'll start practicing my sweet puppy face speech for DK. "Can we keep him?"


Keri said...

Did you put that little white box on the first picture to protect this sweet dog's privates?? That is absolutely hysterical!

Hope you found his home!

Tabitha_D said...


Did any of the vet offices ever call you back yesterday? I thought it was too funny that you called my office after I heard you talking about it on my way in this morning. He sure is a cutie!!! Keep the listeners updated on his status!

Tabitha (Northpark Veterinary Hospital)