Sunday, November 30, 2008

bye bye little Buddy.

Apparently having a microchip put in your dog is a brilliant idea. I'm truly a believer now! After finding a beautiful Basset Hound wandering around the street near the station and seeing how easy it was to reunite with his family who lived MILES away all because of a little microchip placed under his skin, I'm all in. 

His real name was Doby. I almost ran him over on my way to work early Saturday morning shift and held on to him till I was done at noon. I'd called all the vets and clinics in the area to report that I'd found him and every 15 minutes would go outside to play with and run around with him. He was a hilarious dog! Tammy at Eastex Clinic around the corner said to bring him by so they could scan him. After my shift, we drove over - Me and Buddy - and with one wave of a wand, a beep and a phone call, "Doby" was reconnected with his family! Here's the strange part: I found him in Humble and he lives somewhere off of Loop 610!! 

He's either quite the traveler or has an incredible story of adventure and mystery that no one will EVER know... What a guy!