Saturday, November 29, 2008

christmas tree day!

This is one day we've been talking about for months now. In fact, we act like goofy kids when we talk about it.

And today is finally the day we are going for the full experience - driving to a Christmas Tree Farm, riding on a hay wagon, picking out a tree and cutting it down with our very own hands.

Wooo!!! I'll be posting photos later to show you how it turns out!!

We are going to the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm and are so excited!! Where do you go? What are your tree decorating traditions and creativities?

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Keri said...

My almost 10 year old was with us at the ripe 'ol age of 5 days old when we first went to the Christmas Tree Farm to cut down a tree. He was snuggled in his sling the whole time and it is one of my most favorite memories.

I hate to admit that after having a tree fall over smashing half my ornaments, we now go fake in the tree department, but I still love the Christmas Tree Farm experience.

Our newer tradition is driving to College Station to drive through the amazing Christmas light display they have there. You can ride on a hay wagon through the thing while eating fresh kettle corn and drinking hot's the best!!

Deek said...

We thought that it might be difficult to find a tree here in Malaysia, but Christmas is huge here! We don't have any of the 4 ornaments we have collected over the years, but that gives us the opportunity to 'start fresh' with a really cool SE Asian themed tree!