Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the dreamy thunderbirds.

Since my flight with the USAF Thunderbirds, I keep having dreams about them. And I didn't realize until this morning when I woke up how often they've been making appearrances in my dreams, how each time there's cheering and excitement... and they arrive solely to take me on another ride!!

The first time they showed up in my dream, they landed near my house and had flowers for me. As they piled out of the jet, the pilots and crew launched into a Thunderbird song and dance number. Their harmony was impeccable and their dance moves were so in sync. Seriously though, would you expect anything less from the United States Air Force?

Another dream worth mentioning happened last night. In the dream I'd just finished eating at Royer's (DK and I are visiting there next weekend and I'm giddy excited) and came outside looking out over a festival taking place on the boardwalk. Don't ask, it's my dream. When out of nowhere, Thunderbird #8 lands like a Harrier right on the beach and everyone bursts into uproarous cheering and dancing! Flags are waving in the wind, music is pumping and everyone felt a rush from the sudden appearance of this streamline jet. The canopy opens and the pilots wave right at me! It's my turn again?! Oh you guys shouldn't have! But ok... After all, I am an honorary pilot.

Aaaaand that's all I remember :)

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