Tuesday, November 11, 2008

he get it from his mama.

While DK's parents were in town last weekend, I was overwhelmed (the pleasant kind of overwhelmed) by realization, clarity, and understanding of who DK is and where he came from. I do realize that I've only spent a weekend with them and trust that Christmas in the house he was raised in will bring forth so much more discovery!

Facial expressions, posture, creativity and so much more, I understand it now. He gets it from them. The ability he has to think outside the box yet stay grounded and in touch, the way in which he's confident and comfortable with himself, his sense of humor, his ability to build and create, his love and concern for Kenai the dog, all comes from them. His love for photography, his understanding of the importance to archive and capture memories, the desire to travel, his contentedness, his ability to commit as though his life depends on it. I'm so blown away.

I noticed little things too like the way she asks a question and nails it like a statement. It's about the inflection in the last syllable of the last word in the sentence. He does that too. (It sounds really cool, unique.) I understand how he's so consistently pressed and presentable. Watching home videos, I see what effort she put into dressing her boys, making sure they were dressed to the nines and photo ready. Unreal. I love how his father, like a phantom, gets things done and is able to repair anything. Where do they find the time? I'm constantly left in awe of how well he manages time and gets things done. He gets it from his dad. His father is so generous, I felt like a princess all weekend! I see this now too... DK is just like his dad.

What traits do you see in your love that so obviously come from mom and dad?

And check out this blog from Keri, who also obviously loves her boys to no end. Have a tissue handy :)


lsprkr said...

I love Keri's blog too! She is the most incredible and inspiring woman I have ever met. But then again... she is my sister! :)

I really enjoy your blog as well. I can't wait to log in every day to see what you and Kenai are up to! Thank you for all that you do.


3 Zepeda's said...

I love your posts! I always leave with a new outlook, and a renewed way to look at my relationship with Sal (my husband).

Sal can make the worst situation seem OK - just like his mom. He is kind, gentle, loving and joyful just like his dad. Sal believes in people, just like his dad too!

Thanks for the post and giving me something to ponder today!

holly becton said...

Ok now I really want to hear the "inflection in the last syllable of the last word in the sentence." What can I say, that just sounds cool.

Keri said...

Wow!!! How surprised was I to see that little shout out from you........thank you!

I have been reading your blog ever since I still had to go to KSBJ to access it. I'm excited for you and DK. I, for one, am someone that is rooting for you guys from the sidelines! Thank you for letting some of us strangers relive the excitement of new love.......enjoy every minute of it!

Andrea Himmelsehr said...

My husband can also fix anything, and that is straight from his dad. He loves unconditionally and that is from both of his parents. He is calm under the craziest of circumstances, and that may just be from Nebraska (no traffic, no smog- they have reason to be stressed up there!). Another thing that is so obviously his dad is his ability to fall asleep sitting up on the couch without his head even bobbing. Aw man- I love him!