Friday, November 7, 2008

selamat jalan kim!

Kim is leaving for Malaysia today! I love to imagine what she is feeling in her heart, what she is thinking about and I wonder if it's really truly hit her yet. She's moving to Malaysia!

Last night I drove to meet her, her parents and my dad for one last dinner at Cinco De Mayo... mmmm, Mexican food! We laughed so hard our stomach hurt and at a few points in the night I had tears in my eyes from being in hysterics. Several times I looked around the table and tried to capture the site and sound of this blessing - my family.
After dinner I slept over at The Oldens, where Kim has been staying the last couple weeks, waiting for her passport to arrive so she could leave to meet David (my brother) whom is already there working. This morning we woke up, Kim made breakfast, we drank some Dutch coffee, then went for a long walk with the dogs.

It was the most beautiful morning! David even phoned Kim to check on her and wish her "Happy Last Day in America"!

A couple hours later, it was time to say goodbye. I'm the biggest emotional sappy mess typically and was expecting a whole waterworks show but instead felt an easy sense of peace and knew that God will carry her there gently to my brother. I know this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I couldn't be more proud of them both. I believe God has been preparing them both for this experience their entire lives.

As I pulled out of the driveway, Kim stood there surrounded by the dogs and a ray of light illuminating her already glowing posture... and to her changrin (sorry Kim, hehe) I had to snap a photo.
We love you Kim! We are praying for safe travel and for heaps of adventure! We are also praying that you come back with Malabies! (a term they made up referring to babies born in Malasia!)

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holly becton said...

I love how even the dogs are posing :) beautiful.