Thursday, November 6, 2008

meet the parents.

Tomorrow afternoon, DK's parents are flying in from Pittsburgh, PA. This will be the first time to meet and I'm giddy excited. I know they're wonderful people and I so look forward to spending time with them!

Today on the show I asked everyone "What's your story of meeting the potential in-laws?" and the calls have been everything from HILARIOUS and embarrassing to sweet and absolutely encouraging. THANK YOU!

Mrs. and Mr. Kilgore are flying in tomorrow around noon, please pray they have safe travel here and back!

And any further stories you have about when you met the parents, leave comments!!


Keri said...

My husband is from East Texas.....and there's nothing wrong with that! The very first time I met his parents we had gone to his home in Jacksonville. His dad answered the door in shorts and nothing else. Big hairy belly all bare and out there with a welcoming hug. I knew at that point that I was going to be part of the family!

Scott B. said...

My inlaws were celebrating their anniversary in Hawaii when I started dating their daughter. They were flying in to Bush IAH and I offered to go pick them up.

1.) They know nothing of me.
2.) I'm dating their daughter.

A phone call is made to announce that their daughter will be accompanied by a guy their daughter is now dating.

Her father, being captain of homicide for HPD was probably running multiple criminal checks on me before he even arrived at the airport.

They arrived and I escorted them to their bags and to my car. They noticed my KSBJ bumper sticker on the car and that was when the conversations started going.

I proposed to my wife six weeks later and we have now been married 12 years and have two wonderful kids. YayGod!

BTW... I did discover that someone was running my name through multiple databases but to this day, he denied he ever "authorized" it.

3 Zepeda's said...

I met my inlaws almost 8 years ago - of course I was welcomed, however there was an undertone of tension. I was dating their "Mijo" ("my son"), their only son, their baby. My father in law (Salvador Sr) was making chile' and asked me to stir it while it was on the stove. Needless to say I almost choked to death! They thought it was hilarious but I guess that was the initiation into the family. I guess I needed to prove to them I would be around for along time!!