Wednesday, November 26, 2008

stuffing or dressing?

Apparently it irritates DK when people refer to the goods inside the Thanksgiving Day Turkey as "dressing".

"Dressing goes on a salad, stuffing goes in a turkey" he argues.

This morning we shopped for Thanksgiving feast supplies and here he is, explaining this to me.

"People in the South call it "Dressing". Up North we call it "Stuffing". Stuffing just makes more sense. Here I am pointing out that even on the package is clearly labeled as Stuffing."

Isn't he the cutest?!


James ~n~ Amber said... he HAS a point on the dynamics of the actual food item and how it's used, BUT it's dressing down in the South. No matter which way you slice it! If I had to guess, I'm sure the name came from when it was actually "stuffed" and cooked into the bird. Of course, now that's considered to be unsanitary. I'm sure when you go home with him, you will be able to debate some Southern-isms as well !

Stacey said...

I call it stuffing and I am from the south. I am with DK. (I like the new look)

Mark said...

It's stuffing if you put it into the turkey. It's dressing if it's made on the side with broth from the turkey.