Thursday, November 6, 2008

why do politics have to be so political?

(A long time friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I felt compelled to share it further. After reading it, I came away feeling encouraged and empowered. Thanks to Phil Conner for articulating this so beautifully...)

"I can't help but share a few thoughts after the election last night and then I plan on leaving it alone...

I am stunned. Not at the election, but at how people handled it. I can't believe how our country can get so divided and polarized. I can honestly say that last night as I watched Obama's speech, I have never been more proud and more ashamed at the same time. While Facebook is simply just a nifty little thing on the web, it offers a lot of insight into people's lives and even hearts. I was looking at people's status updates as the votes rolled in and was entertained, burdened and angered all at once.

I don't know when people who profess to be Christians (many of my friends) started harboring a special place in their heart for hate. It's sad to me that many of people would and could make the case that Christians have mastered the art of hating. Nobody can hate and moan and whine like "Christians." I think those who profess to follow Christ should step back and look at

The way I saw the election is that both candidates were more than capable and I think both men would be able to be a strong and effective president. It is impossible that one candidate is the salvation for our country and the other will lead it straight to hell. After all, they are just men. Some of the comments I saw on Facebook were things like "get ready for 4 years of hell", "can't believe our country has come to this", "getting ready to give my hard earned money away to lazy people", "here comes the judgement" etc..... etc.... PEOPLE- REALLY????

People that see impending doom because of an elected official and griped about it obviously missed the beauty of the progress that our country has made. Whether you like, trust or voted for Barack or not, the fact is that is a big step. An African American as President. Wow. I remember my mom telling me about seeing separate drinking fountains for blacks and whites as a child just 50 short years ago. And here we are today looking at a black man winning a Presidential Election. That says a lot to me. It says that people are starting to get it. Love is starting to prevail over hate. That is what believers and followers of Christ should be rejoicing in.

I've been told that there will always be a certain segment of the population called "booers." These are the people that will complain about anything and everything but never offer a solution. Anyone can do that. I'm guilty of it at times. It's easy to do and even fun at times. I do know that it isn't what Jesus would do.

Maya Angelou said this: "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain."

I guess what I am saying to anyone reading this that professes to follow Jesus is this: We won't win our country into our way of thinking by lobbying in the halls of congress or by putting anyone in to office to change it. Instead of booing if you don't like the man, pray for Mr. Obama. He's got a big job. Instead of finding new ways to put down the party you don't like, focus on unity and togetherness. Don't show people that don't believe what you do that you can out-hate them or out-bitter them. Try trusting the God that you profess to believe in. Believe that HE is in control. Trust that while CNN can say I'll go hungry and broke, HE told me I would never be without. Don't trust in government and talk about how mad God is because of American Politics. I doubt He cares as much as we think He does. I could give you tons of scripture about how God is in control, but I won't. If you don't live it now and are screaming impending doom, it won't matter. Your faith wouldn't accept it anyway.

Followers of Christ- focus on Him. Focus on love, peace and justice. The government surely isn't going to do those things like we can. Love people. Love God. I'm proud of our country right now and hope that this goes somewhere. I hope that it takes a positive turn. The mudslinging is over, the jabs between candidates will go away. Our calling is bigger than a President, bigger than the whole country too. It's not about this life, but while we are here, we are accountable for the love we show and not responsible for spewing hate and divisiveness. Let's show the world that Love wins. I know I'm going to try to. "


Susan S. said...

Amen Sister....thanks for sharing. I totally agree!

James ~n~ Amber said...

So true. Thank you. That really blessed my heart today

Anonymous said...

Amen! I so agree!

I eventually had to log out of Facebook on election night. The comments I read just broke my heart and made me angry.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Lori Thompson said...

I'm so thankful this was written and posted. I had felt many of the same things. AMEN!