Monday, January 5, 2009

first weekend of the year.

I'm pretty sure we did it right... finding that perfect balance of relaxing, time spent with family, being productive, thinking about the year ahead, and excercise. It's really how every weekend should be, ya?

Saturday morning I nailed a 9 mile run and wound up running the entire distance with Liz Byers, a good friend. We had a wonderful talk and she encouraged me in ways I will never forget. From there I came home and did some serious laundry, cleaned out my closet and took a great nap. DK picked me up, then we headed out to pick up supplies, then over to his place where my dad met up to hang out. We still hadn't done our Christmas gift exchange and it was a great time, set aside to relax, watch movies, eat, go for a long walk along the Bayou, and talk about the future.

Sunday morning, I woke up not feeling too good and went right back to bed until about noon. I think this was the holidays, travel, rush, adrenalin, etc having caught up to me and having one final go at my energy level. I worked it out though. I got things in order and met up with DK to go over this year's projects. We made some great headway!! I feel organized and on the right foot. We went to the 5 pm service at church and had the honor of serving communion. I almost lost it several times, it's the most beautiful experience...

I hope your new year is off to a great start. And if not, tomorrow is a new day, next hour is even a NEW HOUR. Don't be discouraged... this is going to be an amazing year for you, I know it.

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