Sunday, January 4, 2009

365 madness.

On April 1st of 2008, DK and I launched our 365 couples version of the project. It was something I'd always wanted to do but would never start or maintain on my own - one photo a day for a year. So we decided to do one together. Having just started dating, this project has followed our entire relationship and through it, we've learned so much about ourselves and one another. This was our first photo.
Then on May 31st, DK's brother Michael and his girlfriend Emily launched their 365 in Pennsylvania. We refer to them as Team PA and because they are so consistent, even though they started almost two month after we did, they passed us up and are still right on schedule.It was so funny to finally meet them in person at Christmas because I felt I knew them so well after following their daily photos for so long. This is one of my favorite photos of theirs.
It was on June 1st that we initially heard from him. One of our photos caught his eye and themanilow, a veteraned 365er and Flickr enthusiast, commented on our #41. Little did we know this would be the beginning of a great friendship with themanilow, who also lives in PA. He loves Barry Manilow and has incredible perception and ability from behind AND in front of the camera. We got to meet him in person over Christmas!! This is my favorite from themanilow. And with every photo comes a different part to yourself and your life you're able to archive. Who you are, where you are, what you wore, how you felt and who you were with is all documented through photo and story. I think you should try it out, learn about the depths to your creativity and untap some deeper level of self discovery. You'll surprise yourself and will have a blast looking out over the hundreds of photos that will soon stack up.

Here are some others who started their projects along with us:

Abby and Jason are actors and newlyweds.

Bob and Darcy are husband and wife, raising 4 strapping young lads. They chose to do theirs separately!

Amber is a new friend of mine who I met through KSBJ and blogging. She is a beautiful mom and wife!

DK solo 365 -no specific theme but emphasis on creating more cinematic, epic photographs. Like frames you'd see in a movie.
Yipes: Stripes! 365 Days of Stripes, my themed 365 solo project. 

So when are you going to start yours? Click here to get started.


themanilow said...

you had to pick THAT one?!!? :)

but really my screensaver is my 365 and I can sit there and remember every day and everything about each photo...its quite amazing.

you forgot the Midnight rule that "some" follow hahaha =P

Liz Jordan said...

That photo brought tears to my eyes, it's so beautiful!!

And yes, don't forget your photos are supposed to be taken BEFORE midnight of each particular day. Thanks, J ;-)

Jennifer said...

Liz, I have had so much fun doing this. I have done mine in the blog form though. I have not missed a day yet; although, I do have one picture of a sleeping child because I didn't manage to get an early picture. I am on day 243!

James ~n~ Amber said...

This is so freaking fun ! Especially when you end up with an unplanned photo like I did tonight !

Heather said...

This is amazing! As much as Mark and I LOVE looking "inside" others photos...we are TERRIBLE at taking pics of ourselves, our girls or just everyday situations. It always seems to be "scheduled" photos for us.
Thank you for inspiring me to want to capture life as it happens..documenting life's great moments, everyday!

Anonymous said...

I am also doing project 365. I love it. I wanted to let you know of an album that scrapbooker Becky Higgins created for project 365. It sold out on Jan 1st in just a couple of hours, but I am confident that Creating Keepsakes will have more albums made in the near future. Go to Becky's blog to find out more info.

Anonymous said...

When I got into scrapbooking a few years ago I realized that since I always take the photos, I don't have any of myself. So, I jumped on the 365 bandwagon too!

BornYesterday said...

Hi Liz - I love your 365s!

I'm ready to create one myself but although I like to think of myself as pretty computer savy, so far I'm stumped.

Is there a special kind of set you created in flickr or did you just create one and call it 365?

I've seen sets with milestones and counters like 125 of 365 but I haven't figured out how to duplicate the settings. It's probably so obvious I'm looking right past it! :o)