Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!

We kicked the night off right with our newest tradition, Chinese Food on New Year's Eve! Then we said farewell to Stacey and her beautiful friends and headed to Carson's.

We hung out there for awhile and then made our way to Brandi's party in her salon. There was a photobooth, karaoke and delicious food and drinks! Midnight came before we knew it and I got to smooch my man, just like in the movies!

From there we left for Claudia and Kristal's for a short while, things were well underway and everyone was dancing and having a blast.

It was the most fun, random, and exciting New Year's Eve EVER!


heather hub said...

yay for randomness on holidays! looks fun and you look smokin' hot in your glitter stripes.

Stacey said...

and don't forget about sitting in the hallway chattin' about the evening! good times!!