Friday, January 2, 2009

change for good.

We're asking you to pick one thing you want to "Change For Good" this year and it's been really hard for me to decide... why is that? Maybe because I have (undiagnosed) ADD and have way too many irons in the fire. So this is good for me, to focus on one 1 ONE 1 one thing.

I kicked off the year with my 365 solo project and feel every part of me yearning to defy my self diagnosed affliction referred to as being "consistent inconsistent". It's true, I have great intentions but get easily distracted. This 365 project (a photo a day) will be wonderful discipline. But this isn't how I want to change for good.

I feel God calling me more towards just simplifying things. Going back to my loss of breath moment a couple weeks ago where I saw in action, two men showing love in the simplest form, the conviction is thick and I can't shake it. I want to show love in the simplest forms. Whether it's talking to and hanging with Larry who lives on the loading dock near DK's, maybe by taking less offense to things people do around me, or just simply being quiet when I want to talk, vent and burst... I want to learn how to thoroughly allow love to overcome, overtake and invade. And so simply.


Anonymous said...

Something I thought you might be interested is choosing a word for the year...a word to focus on, to grasp to when life gets a little crazy, when you find yourself losing focus of what's important, etc. You can find out more info at
She is a scrapbooker/life artist who I think you might find inspiration from. I have chosen a different word the past 3 years. 2007 I chose STEADFAST because I was waiting for a heart transplant and needed to be steadfast in prayer and hope. 2008 I chose the word RESTORE because God brought me the perfect heart in the fall of 2007 and I spent 2008 restoring my health, my life, and sadly my house due to Ike. This year I chose the word INTENTIONAL because I want to be intentional about everything I do, because I too am consistently inconsistent. Just thought you might find some inspiration in choosing one little word. Blessings to you in 2009.

Liz Jordan said...

That is awesome. Thanks you for this suggestion!! I think it's no coincidence that my word last year was "Intentional"! I was very intention about seeking help, opening up and learning more about why I react the way I do towards things. This year my word is "simplify." This will no doubt help keep me focused... can you imagine the potential!! I'm so excited... many blessings to you in the new year!

Keri said...

One thing I very much want to change for good is resting in the approval of my Heavenly Father alone....not in the approval of others. It is hard to admit that I thrive on approval of others, but I do. If I had to pick one word??? It would have to be Content. Content with what God has given me, content with His plan for me, content with giving Him control of my life........maybe I need to blog about this! heehee

Anonymous said... chose intentional last year...that's so cool. It's a big word to live up to, but I figure with God I can do anything!
BTW...your and DK's photography is super! Do most people take the photos of the two of you, or do set your camera somewhere and use a remote or timer to capture the moments? Just wondering. Keep up the good work sister! And best of luck with simplifying in the New Year. One of my goals is to "intentionally simplify"..we'll see how that goes.