Sunday, January 18, 2009

my first (and last) marathon.

these are the photos, story to follow. thanks DK for mapping out the route so well to capture these amazing memories! mile 16: dad, mary, domenica, ma olden, kristen and the ksbj prayer station all cheering me on.
me with Hub, my dear friend from college. she came in to cheer for Carrie and me!!
stacey and jeff rode their bikes the last few miles and cheered me all the way in. at the point I was surely going to give up, stacey got off her bike, ran me in and prayed over me outloud. what an amazing friend, ya?

my cheer posse! i couldn't have finished without them!
l-r: mary, dad, ma olden, stacey, me, dk, jeff, kristen, domenica, and chiara


~Misty said...

You have an amazing family, boyfriend, and friends. How wonderful to have all of them there to cheer you all the way to the finish line. I was praying for you as many others and know God helped you push to the finish! Much love!!

Stacey said...

great pics! I am so proud of you.

Andrea Himmelsehr said...

Congratulations! And why oh why are you saying this is your last marathon? I am running/walking the Surfside Half Marathon next month, and you have been my inspiration. You still are, but I am curious about the complete certainty in your declaration!

drc said...

congrats Liz! I know you say it's your last marathon now...but I have a feeling you'll be out there again next year! I said the same thing after the San Antonio Full, and I just registered for the Las Vegas full!

Congrats again :-) Hope you're still wearing your medal! You earned it!


Jami said...

Congratulations Liz!!!! Becareful what you say, Marathons can be suprisingly addictive. And what a support crew!