Friday, February 6, 2009

unheard of.

I just read this blog entry from my brother David and his wife Kim who are living in Malaysia.

This is gonna blow your mind.

To say I'm a proud sister is the biggest understatement in the world.


Anonymous said...

So. Cool! Big congratulations to him! I wonder what it feels like to be free from the slavery of debt. Me and my husband actually heard about Dave Ramsey (who teaches about getting debt free) two years ago and have been working on debt-freedomness ever since!! We've actually paid off both our cars and most of our credit card debt... all we have left is our enormous school loan debt. I'm so committed, I actually drive a 99 Subaru Legacy Brighton (the ugliest vehicle on the face of the so I can become debt free.

Anyway...every Friday is debt-free Friday on the Dave Ramsey radio show where people can call in and tell their story! Your bro totally needs to call in and scream "I'm debt free!!!" I can only imagine the exhilaration!!

Yannochka said...

That is awesome for them. I can't wait until I have that day. I've just started to collect a school loan debt. Yuck!

Anonymous said...


The only debt we have is our house and we are working to pay that off asap. It truly brings so much freedom.

Congrats to David!!

katie beth said...

That is a wonderful accomplishment!

I just stumbled upon your blog by linking through a few different ones. It is great and I have really enjoyed reading!

Andrea Himmelsehr said...

How sad is it that I don't even believe I will EVER have that day? We own both cars outright, and we rent a home. But the credit cards and student loans- impossible. That sounds defeatist, but it's how I feel. Congratulations to David!!!!

Becky and Patrick said...

My husband and I also took the Dave Ramsey class. We paid off his student loan a few months ago and are now totally debt free. We know how exciting it is, so congratulations to your brother!

The Rabe's said...

My husband and I did the Dave Ramsey book with our Sunday School class. We dream of being debt free and are working seriously on our mortgage for that to happen. What a feeling!