Monday, February 9, 2009

the way to a man's heart.

Yesterday was pretty non-stop. It's my fault though because I tend to pile things to do on top of each other and am more positive than realistic in what I'm able to accomplish on a Sunday after church. Poor DK.

First we had to swing by my house to pick up things needing to go back to Kristen's (from the party last week) From there, we stop by Kristen's and ended up staying awhile talking, which was so great and needed. Then we're off to Cost Co. for weekly grocery. It was after lunchtime and DK told me the Cost Co. samples would suffice and hold him over till we cooked a late lunch. (Don't you love sample day at Cost Co.?)From there we drove to his place, and not only unloaded but also cleared out and re-organized the freezer, fridge and pantry. After all this, I put the Brussells Sprouts and fish in the oven to bake and parked it on the couch to check my computer.

"DK, you gotta come see these cool photos on Flickr today!" He was still busy in the kitchen but came to look anyway, slumping down on the couch. Apparently I was clicking too fast through the photos for him and he sighed, said "Gosh, slow down!" and tried to take over. I didn't understand this hostility but got up to make some juice while he checked photos as his own pace.

Before long he was in the kitchen right behind me, the tension was brewing from his irritation of my mess making and I realized he was upset cause he'd just finished cleaning the kitchen. I spilled juice on the counter and some even dripped on the floor. So I cleaned up and decided to take Kenai out for some fresh air.

But when I came back, the tension was still there and Mr. Gripeypants was still gripey. So I sat down on the couch and tried something new. I decided to not take it personally or get upset back at him... then I waited. He marched over to me, hands on hips, upset that I left him to clean ALL THAT MESS in the kitchen by himself... but then I started giggling. I asked "Babe, what's really wrong?"

And like that, I recalled the age old understanding of men passed down through generations of women... and I asked him "Love, you're hungry, aren't you?"

And like that he melted and felt understood. It feels so good to know how to take care of him...

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Keri said...

Around here we call that "Cranky Hungry" and we all know that means the whole world won't be Ok until food enters the equation. The problem is that with 2 growing boys, my job seems to be fighting off "Cranky Hungry" ALL day long.