Tuesday, March 31, 2009

master cleanse.

Time for a little spring cleaning, don't ya think? I don't know if it's just the overall feeling in the air or because I share an office with a vegetarian, but lately I'm more and more aware of what I've been putting into my body and the whole digestive "where does it go" process.

I've done this twice before over the last couple years but wasn't completely honest and consistent. The first time, I made it through then on day 11 drove through Jack In The Box and got the hugest Angus beef burger on the menu. (I realize "hugest" is not a word, but it seems to work in this case.) Then the second time did it with a friend and we totally caved about maybe 5 days. And that was the best sushi I'd ever tasted :)

So now I have a block of time (10 days) where I have no parties, dinners, any social obligations that would pressure me to eat delicious food. I did my research, set my mind forth and today I started the Master Cleanse.

(funny sidenote, I had my fitting for the annual star of hope celebrity fashion show and was talking to Suzie Hanks from 93.7 The Arrow - she just started her cleanse yesterday!)

Start Your Cleanse!

It's easy once you get started. The jist of it is this: organic laxative tea before bed, wake up and drink 25-35 oz of salt water to flush your system. Then throughout the day you drink 60 oz of the "lemonade" - a mixture of lime juice, maple syrup, distilled water, and cayenne pepper. Everything you need to sustain energy etc. is in the juice.

Beyonce does it, isn't that reason enough to try it? Juuust kidding. It's great for losing weight, detoxing your body and relieving stress in the blood and muscles.

After I complete the cleanse, I'm considering following in the footsteps of my good friend Sarah Taylor by trying some juicing action. Click here to read more.


Lauren said...

Wow - sounds neat...and disgusting! I wish I was disciplined enough to do that. Let us know how it goes!

Vivian said...

Hey Liz,
Its so interesting that you mention the master cleanse because two of my friends from church did the master cleanse ( well one is still on it) and they told me that they feel great. I have been thinking about doing it myself after this week. Please let us know how it works for you.

Heather said...

This is such a great idea. I'm seriously thinking of trying it! I tried a cleanse last January so I guess its about that time again. Thanks for sharing and don't give up! :-)

Lina said...

Wow Liz! I wish I was more disciplined but maybe I can try again. To be honest I have hard time with fasting. After reading the Blog on Juicing that is exactly how I feel. Maybe if a few people do it together it will be easier. So how do you make this lemonade mixture? do u make it or buy it? Thanks for the inspiration again. my daughter and I are still working on our 365 project. It is coming along slowly and I find it hard to take pictures but so far so good. I need to catch up on my uploading.


Cindy Tanner said...

Liz....details!!!! What is the 'recipe' for the lemonade? Do you have a website link that will be more specific? Are there food restrictions during the cleanse period? Here's to our health!

tanya said...

I am more impressed that you have a 10 day block of time with no major social engagements!! :)

This post has inspired me. I think I am going to give it a try!


I have done this several times and am thinking of doing it again. Did you not do the transition off using the OJ then veggie soup? Girl!!! :) I found this a great way to give up bad things like Diet Coke which I used to be ADDICTED to and knew that it was so bad for me (nutrasweet is really bad biochemically). I LOVE that veggie soup though and often make it even when I'm not coming off of a cleanse. Just top it with cilantro and cut up tomatoes - yummo!! :)

Stephanie said...

So it's pretty much official- Taylor and I are going to start the Master Cleanse next week. While we're eating better and kind of did a mini detox last month, we think it can't hurt to go even deeper and do the Master Cleanse.

Taylor did the Master Cleanse a few years ago. When I met him, he had finished the Master Cleanse, done Bikram Yoga (with DK, in fact), and only ate really healthy and organically.

Then I ruined him and called him to my terrible college girl ways of Whataburger and Little Debbies.

Anyway, we're totally pumped! Hopefully we'll blog about it!