Tuesday, March 31, 2009

she does my hair!

So many of you have written asking "WHERE IS JESSICA, the girl who does your hair?!" I'm sorry, I should have posted this earlier. But don't worry she's still doing hair, just in a different location.

After several years at Toni & Guy in The Woodlands, Jess has moved on to Lot 8 in Rice Village. You might recognize the salon name from this show. I'm so excited for her and all the changes going on in her life! She is so talented, has been doing my hair for about 5 years now and can I just say people still comment on my last haircut! Ya, and it was about 5 months ago.

She told me to tell you to come see her and she'll take extra special care of you. Tell her I sent ya :)

jessica fixing my sister-in-law's hair for her wedding last year!

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Angela said...

Oh my gosh I absolutely love Jessica! She's been cutting my hair for about 6 years now and I wouldn't trust my hair to anyone else. I've recommended her to many a' friends and family. I've missed her magic hands and scissors while I've been in Jordan. I also recently found out that she's moving salons, I'm so following her to Rice Village and she's doing me up for my wedding!

Anyone who goes to Jessica will not be disappointed! You will come out of the salon feeling like a million bucks, and you will try to look at yourself in every reflective surface you pass by that whole day. :)

Love ya Liz!