Monday, April 20, 2009

10 things.

Lori is brilliant. She's my wiser and cooler friend that still takes time to talk to and help enlighten me. I wrote her an email several weeks ago about something I was struggling with and in response sent me several serious truths, each piece of encouragement proving she totally gets me. And this was my favorite:

"Make a list of 10 things that fill you up inside, recharge you, encourage you. They can be as simple as breakfast at your favorite spot, taking pictures, going on a bike ride, blogging, praying, whatever. When you start to feel "utterly and desperately discouraged" look at that list!! I've noticed when we have those feelings, we're not working our list. If you aren't taking care of YOU, you will feel the way you are feeling."

I'm still working on my list. Here's what I have so far:

1. Favorite music blaring LOUD in my bedroom, dancing.
2. Decorating / Cleaning my room.
3. Writing on my front porch about all the reasons, things, and experiences of why I love my life. While Kenai lays in the grass out front.
4. Photographs - taking, editing, posting, sending, printing!!
5. Running long and hard. Mash-ups.
6. Girl's night, girl's night. Movies, fancy dinners out, Idol Night, dance dance dancing, or cooking at home, it's whatev.
7. Central Market. Fresh flowers, herbs, something new and creative to cook. 8. Driving with sunroof open, Kenai "flying" from the backseat out her window.
9. Family together...
10. My church home, consistently... worship with Robbie and powerful moving messages from Chris.

(Honorable mentions: Swirll, Saks, Forever 21, Target, Mario's Mexican Food, Baby Barnaby's,, Clementine and Cheeseburgers. Not sure these qualify as things that can "encourage" and may fit more into the "addictions" category :)

What's on your list?


debra said...

I love this. I think I am going to start working on a list.

Lynn Valdez said...

You are on my list! This is a really good idea. Thanks for sharing. My number one thing would of course be my kids and everything they do.

Susan S. said...

What a great idea....I've already started to compile a list in my head! We have a LOT of the same things on our list. If you don't mind, I'm going to post something similar on my blog...but I'll give you credit for the idea.

Thanks for encouraging us to find joy.

Cindy Seay said...

I absolutely love this idea - it really got my brain going.
love you friend,

Anonymous said...

Love this! I would also like to post my list of ten on my blog crediting your post. Thanks for being a great source of inspiration!!

Christie said...

Awesome idea and I absolutely agree with Lori's point about how things go to pot when you're not working from your list! Here's some of mine in no particular order:

1) Listening to Brooke interact with the TV while I get ready for work in the morning

2) Girls night out --> dinner, laughing, getting all dolled up, fellowship

3) Photography

4) Working out at the gym

5) My home church every Sunday and Wednesday

6) My new women's group on Tuesdays

7) Listening to or singing along with Brooke to Veggie Tales or Hillsong while driving in the car

8) Journaling/Quiet time/Learning

9)A clean house and no dirty laundry

10) Fresh Flowers

Honorable Mentions -

Starbucks, new shoes, fridge full of groceries, and cooking dinner


Lori Thompson said...

Yes!!! I have my list, now well weathered from three years ago. I look at it often.

:- )