Thursday, April 16, 2009

kenai's elevator adventure.

She's not afraid of much and leads a great example of how we could all live with less stress and more excitement. Riding the elevator with Kenai is always the most rousing adventure of the moment - she bounces around and does "The Kenny Bop" until the bell dings, the door opens and she dashes inside. "Alright, where we going, who we gonna see, who can I chase?"

We learned a new level of Kenai's bravery last night as she had an elevator adventure on her own. I met DK after work at his place and usually we take Kenai outside for a break almost as soon as I walk in the door. Kenai bounced out into the hallway towards the elevator and I caught up to her, pressed the button to summon our ride but then heard DK calling for me down the hall - he had some things to carry out to the trash and needed my help. I ran back to his door, loaded up with boxes, heard a DING! back at the elevator, the doors opened but then closed before we returned.

Little Miss Kenai was not in the hallway. I dopped everything in my arms, pressed the button furiously to retrieve the elevator, but heard it moving away from our floor... with Kenai on it. I was totally stunned. I didn't know where to go, what to do... I was frozen. So then I burst into hysterical laughter and looked at DK like "Can you believe her???" We ran towards the stairs, DK went up, I headed to the garage. There was no telling where she went, what floor she'd decide to get off on and who would find her. Oh jeeeeze.

I waited in the garage and kept pressing the button, just hoping she wouldn't run into the maintenance man she usually growls at. But it wasn't long before I heard DK outside the front of his building yelling "Come on you, get over here!" as he'd found her. Apparently she made a new friend on whatever floor a certain tenant hopped on and she decided to stick with him. Cool thing is, DK and the guy Everett really hit it off and now he's a great work contact. So I guess we have our ridiculously brave and social dog to thank for that one? Can you imagine the guy's surprise though when the doors opened on his floor and there staring back at him, tail wagging furiously was the cutest Chocolate Lab you ever saw??

Ohhhh, sweet Kenai.


Gerson Barrera said...

awesome experience for her!

Susan S. said...

Oh my goodness....that CRAZY Kenai....too funny (ONCE you FOUND her!) That's amazing, but not surprising, that she lead you and DK to a good work contact and new neighbor/friend. Aren't DOGS the greatest!?! I just got one almost 2 years ago and I can't remember life without him.
PS: It's good for ALL your neighbors to get to know Kenai just in case she pulls those shenanigans again. LOL!

Keri said...

Ok, that is hysterical!!! I love that picture of Kenai. I feel that way all the time.......complete and total anticipation of what is to come.

Natalie said...

This cracked me up! Glad everything turned out okay...Talk about a crazy story!

Thanks for the chuckle! :)

Michael said...

HAHA that is a great story!!!!

Michael said...

HAHA That is a great Story!