Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

A photo tribute to the moms I know... Betty Kaiser, my grandmother. She raised 8 sons, enough said.

Domenica Catelli, chef and author, Chiara's mom, my best friend. She works so hard, is stunningly beautiful, is generous, energetic, healthy and is the best listener on earth.

Amanda Fisher, beautiful mother of Emily and Andy. She was the first friend of my life that I knew well before kids and was honored to be the first to know she was pregnant with Emily!! It's been amazing to watch her grow so naturally into her role as mommy and maintain her identity as a fashion-forward, tech-savvy and in-the-know woman.

Mary Ann, mother of Donald (DK) and Michael... she's creative and is the reason Michael and DK are talented photographers today! I look forward to getting to know her more. It's incredibly apparent that she loves her boys more than anything in the world.

Heather has two of the coolest kids, they are just like her. Reagan and Ryan. When I have daughters, I want to be just like Heather and her girls. I pray you get to meet and spend time with this family one day, just to be inspired.

Barbara Beninati has two of her own children, but works 40 hours a week taking care of us here at KSBJ. This woman has spoken more encouragement and blessing over me everyday before I go on-air. She is strong, bold, honest and so protective. I don't know where I'd be without her.

This is my Aunt Teddie, my mom, and Aunt Darlene. I always loved this photo of them... Aunt T has two children and grandkids, my mom has me and my 3 brothers, Aunt D has a son Billy and 3 grandkids too! Wow, how time flies! I always remember their laughter together, how funny they are, how much they love to laugh, and their big hugs and kisses!!

I love Becky Kankelfritz, she is hilarious, creative, so real and always with that perfect hair. Becky has Abby Grace and the new little guy Samuel. I strive to be more like Becky...

Darcy Boyd inspires me. The mother of 4 incredibly well-mannered and loving boys, she also works and keeps a house. Darcy exudes peace and love, she's got the Proverbs 31 characteristics nailed.

This is Ma Olden. She's my brother's mother-in-law and is pictured here with me and my lovely sister-in-law Kim! I love Ma with my whole heart, she is a true blessing to my life. Ma believes in me and supports me, knowing that she prays for me gives me wings to fly. Ma has a beautiful pure heart and is so genuinely caring. I love watching how she loves and respects Pa.

Meet Jonnie-Kaye. This is her with her handsome son, isn't he a doll? Jonnie-Kaye is a beautiful friend and I met her when she moved to Houston with her husband, my former boss. Since that time until even now, she has spoken rich wisdom and clarity into my life. It's always apparent she is praying for you and for everything around her.

Cindy Seay, ahhh... I love telling people how I became friends with her, it's so funny. It was through email to the studio requesting her son's band's song Better Days for the Top 10 at 10. This was a long time ago... we've been close friends since then. Cindy has 5 children and hundreds of grandchildren yet still finds time to check in on me and love on me. Cindy is a blessed woman - her marriage, her family and work are the truest evidence of that.

This is me and my mom, a sweet photo that I've always loved.
Happy Mother's Day!


Rose said...

This is beautiful Liz, what a great idea, you made me think about the mothers in my life!!Thanks!

Kimbo said...

Very nice Liz! I enjoyed reading this blog! Much love, hugs and kisses.

tiffany said...

Hope you are well. My mom is constantly asking about you. oh AND... I drank to you yesterday! Cheers

oh oh and one of my favorite memories of your mom would be her singing "I don't want no scrubs" while strolling through Paris with her sisters and us...funny to this day!

Jason said...

Wow! You look like your Mother. Awesome blog. Have a great week.

Jason said...

Wow! You look like your Mother. Great blog...thank you.