Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i got in a fight today.

I was driving to work this morning and he just kept saying crap like "Just give up. Nobody really cares about you. You're really ugly today, look how terrible your eyebrows look. Could your muffin top be hanging over your jeans any further? Your show is totally going to suck today."

And I started believing it. My shoulders were slumping more and more and I even got teary-eyed. But then I got fed up and started yelling back. I rose up, put my shoulders back, snapped my finger across my face and told him to go to hell!!

He's such a liar and wants to steal every last bit of joy from within us. How does he sneak in there so easily? I don't want to give him credit by saying he's stealthy, but he's a gross snake and knows our deepest, most scary places. Then he uses them against us and we buy it. We listen and we agree and before long he's got a stronghold and he's steering our whole world. It affects our jobs, our attitude, our relationships, everything. It keeps us from being totally effective and we let it happen.

I want to better discern the lies from the Truth and not waste any more time. It's a tough fight but we've got the upper hand. For crying out loud, the name of Jesus alone is enough to send what's-his-face spiraling!! Just say it out loud and let it reign over your life. You will always win!!


Sarah Taylor said...

I love this. So what I needed today.

Ever read "Do you think I'm beautiful?" by Angela Thomas? Talk about shutting up the one who critiques our eyebrows and our muffin top. Its Gods promises in a book that speaks directly to your heart. I have more highlighter marks in that book than you could imagine.

Love you, Liz. Wish we were flippin' neighbors. I'd come over and borrow a cup of sugar or something, and we'd sit down for tea.

Keri said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean!!! I recently wrote a post called "war" about the exact same thing! I get very, very tired of being picked on - in the areas I am most insecure about. I finally got fed up and declared a holy war on that little fiend.

I may come out a little bruised and bloodied, but I know Who is going to be victorious every single time! Go get 'em, my friend!

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing this post and for talking about on the radio today. I was having a "poor me" day and needed to hear that! Satan has a way of bombarding me with my wants and taking my focus off of what HE has provided and done for me!

James ~n~ Amber said...

SO what I needed to read today ! Being discouraged and really buying into it is a really crappy place. Thanks for the post.

Samina said...

Dear Liz -

The devil must have been trying to get on several of our nerves this day...if you only knew what he was doing to me, and my relationship with my husband of 12 years, ohhh...my fight didn't come soon enough...I let him get to me...and then God told me the Truth...and realization has set in. To know His name is good enough for me (and you)...for me (and you) to proclaim it...and we will prevail!

Thank you for sharing...